Changes for Saturday Openings!


We would like to announce that as of this weekend (28/01/23) we are allowing our team to enjoy one Saturday off a month, this works out 3 Saturdays in and one off. On the weekend, we are off, we will be extending our hours on the Thursdays and Fridays in the week prior.

By giving our team the luxury of a full weekend off once a month,  plus the option of flexible hours during the working week; it makes it clear to all our salon professionals that when you work in our salon, your family life, mental health and career are all equally important to us, and that one doesn’t have to suffer in order to feed the other.

I hope that this announcement finds you understanding and to please remember that you all, as our very precious clients, are so special to us as well as our team, hopefully this salon decision can work well for everyone.

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